Conservative Values

Jobs and the Economy

Mitchell’s top priority if elected to office is to ensure that we continue to bring Ohio’s economy back by giving business owners the tools they need to create jobs. Ohio faces extreme competition from neighboring states so we must remain steadfast in adopting policies that keep Ohio residents working. Everyone must be given the opportunity to succeed in life.

Gun Rights

Bobby strongly believes in preserving the 2nd amendment of the United States. As a veteran of the Air Force, Mitchell has fought for the preservation of our freedom and rights as Americans. He’ll oppose any legislation that will limit our concealed carry rights and any other restrictions on the purchase or sale of firearms.

Family Values

As a father of three, husband and Pastor, Dr. Bobby Mitchell knows the importance of strong family values. We must seek solutions that protect and preserve the nuclear family. Bobby understands and shares our conservative family values and will fight to ensure that your freedom to practice them is not infringed upon by politicians in Columbus.


Bobby Mitchell is a United States Air Force veteran, signing up at the age of 17 with a consent form from his parents. Mitchell knows first-hand that the treatment of our troops returning home from protecting our freedom needs to improve. He will fight to ensure that our veterans are provided with the services they need and that they have access to training and job opportunities once they come home.


As a highly respected Pastor of the Father’s House, Bobby doesn’t just talk Christian values, he lives them. Dr. Mitchell believes that life begins at the moment of conception and will work endlessly to protect the life of the most vulnerable – the unborn.  He will fight to make sure Planned Parenthood stays blocked from receiving taxpayer money in Ohio.

Pro-School Choice

As an e-school parent, Bobby has seen the value of school choice in Ohio and He will work to ensure that parents maintain the right to make the best decisions for their children. The original purpose of the school choice movement was to allow for a more market-driven education model without the bureaucracy and red tape associated with traditional public schools. Competition is good and will have a positive impact where it matters most: in the classroom. Mitchell also knows that we must work harder to ensure our students are staying in school and attending two or four year colleges to gain training for our growing high tech economy.

Taxes and Budget

Bobby Mitchell believes that tax reforms are necessary in Ohio. Starting with reforming the tax code to make it easier and less obtrusive for Ohio residents. We must continue to explore ways to more fairly tax residents while simultaneously finding ways to do more with less. Mitchell believes that starts with simplifying and reducing our tax burden on both individuals and businesses.

 I’m proud that we have a Constitutionally mandated balanced budget in Ohio, but I believe we must still be fiscally conservative and responsible inside that balanced budget. First, I’d recommend agreeing upon a level where we would feel comfortable funding the rainy day fund. Second, I believe we should take a very close look at the budget to ensure we are funding all programs are adequate. Finally, and of course, I would like to see excess revenue returned to taxpayers; after all it’s their money being spent not the government’s.